The Reboot

Yoga Retreat

Welcome to the Reboot Yoga Retreat

You know when you reach the end of March and think to yourself “Pheeew, I made it! Winter is finally over!” I do this every year. Well… spoiler alert: it’s not. Usually April still takes its toll on us before May finally brings on proper spring in the air. Enter the Reboot Yoga Retreat!


March 25th to 29th we gather for a few days to the beautiful surroundings of Shambala Gatherings, only 2 hours from Stockholm, to breathe and reboot. This retreat is for all who feel like they need to take a break and recharge both mentally and physically in order to have enough energy to make it until summer.

A Day at the Retreat

We wake up in silence and make our way to the Yoga Shala for a peaceful morning meditation and stretch.


After our morning meditation we enjoy a delicious Ayurvedic breakfast. Still in silence, slowly and quietly greeting the new day


Before lunch it’s time for a dynamic, flowy and powerful vinyasa. If you’ve been to my yoga classes before you know we’re going to put lots of focus on tuning inwards all the while moving and breathing to some really nice tunes..

After the Ayurvedic lunch you’ll have time to walk around the premises, read a good book, journal, swim in the wake or why not take a nice sauna! Yogi’s choice how you prefer to spend your free time.


Before dinner it’s time for soft flow or yummy yin practice.


During this retreat we will naturally explore some yoga philosophy and dig in to the Niyamas of the Eight-Fold Path, or Ashtanga Yoga.

What's Included

  • Three Ayurvedic meals per day (dinner on Wednesday and breakfast on Sunday)

  • Morning meditation, Midday Vinyasa and a soft Evening Yoga (11 sessions in all)

  • Accommodation in shared rooms with 2-3 yogis per room (shared bathroom)

  • Possibility to book a private room for an extra charge (shared bathroom)

  • Check in on Wednesday 6 PM

  • Check out on Sunday 3 PM

Yoga classes will be held in Swedish or English depending on the preference of the group.

Transfers from the bus station can be booked for an additional cost of 50 SEK.


After Dec 31st:

5900 SEK / person

Upgrade to single room

+ 900 SEK

Pick up from bus/train station +50 SEK

Payment in installments

is possible upon request.

Early Bird's Special!

Book before Dec 31st for an Early Bird's Price of

4590 SEK

Book Your Spot!


Siiri Soveri, a Yoga Alliance Professionals certified Yoga Teacher