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Teacher Testimonials

Shay Perez,

Yoga Teacher

I have had the pleasure of practicing with Siiri for more than 3 years and her sensitivity as a teacher and practitioner have been a source of inspiration for me regularly. Siiri brings a sense of raw honesty, playfulness and curiosity to every session and delicately shares it with the room.

Anna Hultman,

Yoga Teacher

Siiri is a really good, and perhaps more important, inspiring yoga teacher.


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Siiri as a dedicated yoga student for many years, and she's always ready to learn and grow. So it is no surprise that her readiness to evolve put her on the path of becoming a great yoga teacher.


Having had the opportunity of taking Siiri’s class it seems that she has really selected the best from all prominent teachers she has studied with and then gone and made it all her own. Her class is dynamic, fun and inspiring - and I love her music!


If you get the opportunity I would recommend you to take a class or even go on a retreat with Siiri. She is a teacher who has a lot to offer, independent of your level and previous experience of yoga. She will make you work, sweat and laugh while also, with her beautiful voice and grounded calmness, helping you get a little closer to yourself. And in he end that's what yoga is all about.

Student Testimonials
Emma Eklund,
Yoga Student

Siiri's passion and knowledge make you want to keep going, to develop yourself further, and to learn more. Fantastic teacher, both clear and always with at twinkle in her eye.

Yoga Student

Light-hearted yoga, not as stiff as it can sometimes get. Open and welcoming. Siiri is clear, precise and inpsiring.

Jan B.
Yoga Student

Siiri is fantastic

Anna-Karin Liljeroth
Yoga Student

Siiri is clear, pleasant and inspiring

Yoga Student

Siiri is calm and clear in her teaching, good at explaining the context. I have done yoga 25-30 times, but never before felt so safe in my practice as I do now.

Erik Ulf,
Yoga Student

Siiri is warm and clear in her teaching methods, as well as incredibly positive.


Siiri Soveri, a Yoga Alliance Professionals certified Yoga Teacher



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